The Wilson House
According to Previous Guests….

Richmond, Virginia:
I was smitten with your house.  Not only was it charmingly furnished and spotlessly cleaned, but you have supplied it with everything possibly needed for a comfortable stay.  Very nice.  A truly lovely visit!

Fairfax Station, Virginia:
It is so much fun to explore, looking through crevices and seeing the old farm things just as someone left them a long time ago when farming with work horses.  It is a snapshot in time!

Charleston, South Carolina (comments on 2 visits)
We’ve gotten hooked on The Wilson House and the Blue Grass Valley.  The beauty of the natural, unspoiled setting is what brings us back.  It feels like we’re taking a step back in time.
Our third visit this year – a Thanksgiving getaway.  We had great fun making a snowman, then coming into the warm house for hot chocolate.  As always, we can’t wait until the next visit.

Chesapeake, Virginia:
The house is beautiful.  I can see why it is so popular with the artist crowd.  One night we had fajitas on the grill, s’mores by the campfire, and extended stargazing. 

Charlottesville, Virginia:
We had a wonderful time at The Wilson House once again.  The wind that comes through the kitchen window is like spring itself.  We ate all our breakfasts on the deck and sat out there to watch sunsets.  We made tea from wild mint in the upper meadow, and sweet blackberries were used in pancakes.  We cycled on Route 600, canoed on Lake Moomaw, listened to chamber music at Garth Newel, and hiked in the Boreal Forest.   Most of the time we read, talked, and cooked feasts in the well-appointed kitchen.  The Wilson House is a balm for whatever ails.  Thanks for sharing paradise!

Cynthiana, Kentucky:
The scenery is just breathtaking!  The house is great, very accommodating.  Would love to be here year round.  Here is about as close to Heaven as you can get!

Aspers, Pennsylvania:
Two bald eagles were spotted, and a racoon looking for handouts.  We’ll be back!

Greenville, South Carolina:
The Allegheny Mountain region is so vast, timeless, and beautiful.  We have driven all over the area, gone for a ride on the Cass Scenic Railroad, visited the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, strolled through Monterey, and seen the McDowell Civil War battlefield.  But the highlight was a hike on The Wilson House property to the upper field – breathtaking!  Thanks for a peaceful yet exhilarating time!

Mullica Hill, New Jersey:
We awoke to the song of a steer at the fence, then enjoyed our morning coffee in front of the prettiest view we’ve seen in a long time. 

Marietta, Ohio:
All those memories here are so dear.  Memories are God’s gift to man.

Miami, Florida:
Your house is wonderful!   We had a great time and hope to be back next year.

Parkersburg, West Virginia:
A treat for the senses, a feast for the eyes, and the most comfortable of accommodations!

Ashland, Virginia:
We had a wonderful time.  Birding was excellent, and we totaled over 100 birds for the weekend.  The house was great.

Durham, North Carolina:
We loved the house, and the riding (bike) we did was spectacular.  We woke up early to go out and hear the turkeys gobble.

Springfield, Virginia:
As a preservationist, it warmed my heart to see that someone cares enough to save a house that might not seem worth preserving, due to its simplicity and early intended function.  I closely examined the house, marveling in its plainness of design, layout, and materials.   Thank you for preserving it.

Tallahassee, Florida:
A wonderful place to write, walk, sit and relax.  Thanks for everything.

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